1. "She Rocks My Stones"-Little BouldERD Mixx

  2. "She Rocks My Stones"-Even These Small Pebbles Mixx

  3. "They Didn't Have Almond Butter"-Cell Phone Stores Usually Don't Mixx

  4. "They Didn't Have Almond Butter"-The Sex Store Has White Butter With Nuts Mixx

  5. "Squirt Me Til My Undies Get Snug"-It's Too Dry Mixx

  6. "Squirt Me Til My Undies Get Snug"-Bottoms Down Mixx

  7. "LowERD Me Up With Her Chin"-Make Her Cough First Mixx

  8. "Fair For The First Time"-Sometimes It's O.K. Mixx

  9. "My Sled Needs New Tires"-Especially In The Rain Mixx

  10. "Endearing, Yet Not Appealing"-When Almost Fully Sober Mixx

  11. "I Wanna House Now (Or At Least A Room)"-No Furniture Needed Mixx

  12. "The Green Grapes By The Stage"-Squish Them With Your Nose Mixx

  13. "Too Soon For Last Breaths"-Very Impatient Mixx

  14. "Burden's For Rent"-Jenny Actually Sold It Mixx

  15. "Will You, Will Me, To Will You?" WHISKEY On The Will Tip Mixx

  16. "She Bent The Yarn Without Sewing"-Damaged Quilt Mixx

  17. "Let Me Sniff You Before You Shower"-Two Days Of Funk Mixx

  18. "Set Free By The Soybeans In Her Skirt"-Must Plow Again Mixx

  19. "Set Free By The Soybeans In Her Skirt"-Early Harvest Mixx

  20. "Set Free By The Soybeans In Her Skirt"​-Original Clean Tobacco Smoke Mixx

  21. "Painless Missiles"-Kissing Enemies Mixx

  22. "Crinkly Caramel"-Vanilla Added Mixx

  23. "Sour Power Bounce"-Guilty Reaction Vocal Mixx

  24. "Tart Cherries Bring Luv Too"-The Completely Spoiled Fruit Mixx

  25. "Tart Cherries Bring Luv Too"-'The Almost Spoiled Mixx

  26. "Moody Messy Miracle"-Megan Luvs Deloris Mixx

  27. "Religious Discount For Some"-Empty Collection Plate Mixx

  28. "Religious Discount For Some"-Tilted Meaning Mixx

  29. "There's Enough To Share & Steal"-Fake Gang Mixx

  30. "There's Enough To Share & Steal"-Almost Real Gang Mixx

  31. "Pole Dance Baby"-Slippery Mixx

  32. "Pole Dance Baby"-Great Tip Mixx

  33. "Anna's Stale, Yet, Fresh Fragrance"-Pleasantly Pungent Scent Mixx

  34. "Blond With Freckles"-Little Bit Dark Mixx

  35. "Blond With Freckles"-Too Damn Dark Mixx

  36. "Pretend Prisoner In Heaven"-Angelic Yard Mixx

  37. "Lonely Onions Coming Out"-No Wits Friend Mixx

  38. "Freshly Stale"-Follow The Zebra Mixx

  39. "Two Lips For Tulips"-Purple Flour Mixx

  40. "Milky Rain"-Vitamin M Plus Mixx

  41. "Corners In The Middle"-That's Not My Chair Mixx

  42. "Last Before Lust"-Beginners Know Early Mixx

  43. "Clear, Yet Hazy Destiny"-Dirty Window Mixx

  44. "Depressed Ponytails"-One Rubberband Mixx

  45. "Depressed Ponytails"-Two Borretts Mixx

  46. "Fake Blessings"-Whomever Shall Seek Mixx

  47. "Strawberry Longcakes"-Brendas' Last Slice Mixx

  48. "Black Lipstick On Her Belly"-Now Plus Mixx

  49. "Black Lipstick On Her Belly"-Chicago Mixx

  50. "Black Lipstick On Her Belly"-London Mixx

  51. "Black Lipstick On Her Belly"-Tongue It Mixx

  52. "Dusty Soda Pop"-Silver Straw Mixx

  53. "Elbows Are Important Too"-Arm Mixx

  54. "Fair Assumption"-Bronze Struggle Mixx

  55. "Lead By No Examples"-Simply Respond Mixx

  56. "Right On, But, Left Out"-Center Mixx

  57. "Get On The Ground"-Kurl It Mixx

  58. "Decided To Screw U"-Whatever Mixx

  59. "20,000 Pesos"-Dollar Mixx

  60. "Let's Rebound"-Lost Board Mixx

  61. "Her Sister Likes It On Top"-Experienced Mixx

  62. "Carrots Should Be Blue"-Pickled Mixx

  63. "She's Gone To Get Soup"-Chunky Mixx

  64. "She's Gone To Get Soup"-Bready Mixx

  65. "Imported From Canada"-Aboot Eh Mixx

  66. "Please Share Your Pizza"-Extra Cheese Mixx

  67. "Shut Up & Drink"-Free Round Mixx

  68. "Mourning In The Morning"-Really Happy Mixx

  69. "Seattle House"-Not Lonely Mixx

  70. "Yes, It's Moist"-Extra Wet Mixx

  71. "Peaches & Plums From Holland"-Dyke Mixx

  72. "Peaches & Plums From Holland"-Weed Mixx

  73. "Peaches & Plums From Holland"-Dutch Mixx

  74. "Delightful Bubblegum"-Super Mixx

  75. "Delightful Bubblegum"-Pink Mixx

  76. "Sweet Treat From Italy"-Honey Mixx

  77. "Sweet Treat From Italy"-Sugar Mixx

  78. "I'm Wrong, You're Right"-Prove It Mixx

  79. "Innocent Coffee"-$8 Per Cup Mixx

  80. "Afro On The Dance Floor"-Solid Comb Mixx

  81. "The Why Song"-Beyond Question Mixx

  82. "Don't Eat All The Cheese"-Limburger Mixx

  83. "The First Time I Busted A Nut"-Former Virgin Mixx

  84. "Barely Briefed"-Pull them Down Mixx

  85. "Squeeze My Booty Pimples"-Go Faster Mixx

  86. "Squeeze My Booty Pimples"-Use Caution Mixx

  87. "Picnic With 100 Free Kegs"-Top Of The Barrel Mixx

  88. "It's O.K. For Melon Sauce"-Real Sauce Mixx

  89. "Don't Block My Path To The Bar"-Too Sober Mixx

  90. "Don't Block My Path To The Bar"-Open Late Mixx

  91. "That Ain't My Salad"-Original Mixx

  92. "Blueberry Flavored Tampon"-Blond Putang Mixx

  93. "Piece Of Peace"-Stupid War Mixx

  94. "Front, But, Not Side Effects"-Toss It In The Front Mixx

  95. "Overstated Ties"-Smothered Fish Mixx

  96. "Unforscene Depression"-Happy Mixx

  97. "Unforscene Depression"-Shrink Mixx

  98. "Yellow Foamy Soap"-Shower Mixx

  99. "Yellow Foamy Soap"-Bathtub Mixx

  100. "Katrina Blew It Hard"-New Orleans Mixx

  101. "I Luv German Beer"-30 Pack Mixx

  102. "That's Not Warm"-Torn Coat Mixx

  103. "Loud Silence"-Broken Speaker Mixx

  104. "Tellin' On The Bible"-Everyone's Equal Mixx

  105. "Tellin' On The Bible"-Freedom Mixx

  106. "Boyzee, Idawhoe"-Potato Pimps Mixx

  107. "Boyzee, Idawhoe"-Potato Tricks Mixx

  108. "Suspicious Orgasms"-Wrong Mixx

  109. "Suspicious Orgasms"-Right Mixx

  110. "Here We Go"-Original Mixx

  111. "Everybody Boo Boo"-Public Toilet Mixx

  112. "Stingy Hair"-Metal Pick Mixx

  113. "Pink Milk"-Sour Mixx

  114. "Smackilicious"-Hair Lip Mixx

  115. "Smackilicious"-Big Lip Mixx

  116. "Overblown, But, Needed Time"-Original Dub Mixx

  117. "Overblown, But, Not Needed Time"-Original Vocal Mixx

  118. "Black Lipstick On Her Belly"-Tough Lump Mixx

  119. "Black Lipstick On Her Belly"-Chicago Mixx

  120. "Black Lipstick On Her Belly"-London Mixx

  121. "I'm Wrong, You're Right"-Prove It Mixx

  122. "It's Possible To Be Impossible"-Well, She Thought So Mixx

  123. "Innocuous Importance"-Some Substance Of Tweed Mixx

  124. "Innocuous Importance"-No Substance Of Yarn

  125. "G-String From The Tugboat"-No Life Jacket Mixx

  126. "G-String From The Tugboat"-Last Life Jacket Mixx

  127. "Front, But, Not Side Effects"-Put It In The Back Mixx

  128. "Folding The Water Neatly"-The Iron Keeps Sinking Mixx

  129. "Folding The Water Neatly"-No Dressers Or Closets Needed Mixx

  130. "Finally, A Real Doorknob Made Of Condoms"-Lick, Scream And Turn It Mixx

  131. "Enthralled By Undemanding Condiments"-Creamery Herb Chevre Mixx

  132. "Attach The Gauze Before Sundown"-Soggy Tetnis Cloth Mixx

  133. "Attach The Gauze Before Sundown"-Slightly Torn Tetanus Cloth Mixx

  134. "At Least She Scratches Quietly"-The P Ain't For Powder Mixx

  135. "At Least She Scratches Quietly"-Her Skin Hates Lotion Mixx

  136. "Arrogant While Being Ignored"-Sighing Last Breath Mixx

  137. "Arrogant While Being Ignored"-Incoming Outpatient Mixx

  138. "Ambigous Seduction Of Handlebars"-Sneaky While Loyal Servant Mixx

  139. "Ambigous Seduction Of Handlebars"-Crafty, But, Loyal Servant Mixx

  140. "Vunerable Tablecloth"-Dirty Waiting Room Mixx

  141. "Screams From The Muted Lady"-The Unheard Yell Mixx

  142. "Screams From The Muted Lady"-Heaven Can Hear Mixx

  143. "Not Invisible To The Fully Clothed Eye"-Is This Meat Well Done? Mixx

  144. "Not Invisible To The Fully Clothed Eye"-Is This Fish From A Can? Mixx

  145. "Long Waiting During Short Hours"-I Lost My Quit Application Mixx

  146. "Long Waiting During Short Hours"-I Can't Find My Glasses Mixx

  147. "Handcuffs Made Of Pink Lettuce"-Red Sea Salt Dressing Mixx

  148. "Handcuffs Made Of Pink Lettuce"-Half French, Half Italian Mixx

  149. "Coaxing While Eating Beyond Loud"-Inconsiderate Jerk Mixx

  150. "Charming Tuesdays In The Arctic Shade"-Velcro Snow Garden Mixx

  151. "Ascertaining The Reasons For Raisins"-Naples Sour Grapes Mixx

  152. "Ascertaining The Reasons For Raisins"-Naples Sweetest Grapes Mixx

  153. "When The Forum Bends"-Breakfast For The Rich Mixx

  154. "The Wrong Flowers Were Sent Again"-She Hates Me & My Gifts Mixx

  155. "The Wrong Flowers Were Sent Again"-She Never Likes My Gifts Mixx

  156. "Sleep Jogging While Buying Lotion"-2 For 1 Sale Mixx

  157. "Seventh Latte' On The Third Floor"-Four Percent Sugar Mixx

  158. "Deplorably Nice Secrets From Her Pillow"-Melanies' Lack Of Sleep Mixx

  159. "Cascading While Poking"-Very Hard Book Cover Mixx

  160. "Carpeting From The Egg Farm"-Black Yolk Mixx

  161. "Can't Propose Without My Cellphone"-Humming Tina Mixx

  162. "Warm Blizzard"-Special Reflection Thru No Windows Mixx

  163. "Warm Blizzard"-False Reflection Thru Many Copper Windows Mixx

  164. "Sandy Water Storm"-Angry Smart Chick Mixx

  165. "Sandy Water Storm"-Happy Dumb Chick Mixx

  166. "Gentle Menthol"-Lung Libra, Not Cancer Mixx

  167. "Gentle Menthol"-Rotgut Dust Smoke Mixx

  168. "Bulky Kettle Rag"-Juice Done Got On It Mixx

  169. "Beautiful Waste Of Human Lard"-Not Funny Bone Mixx

  170. "Beautiful Waste Of Human Lard"-Elastic Toe Crust Mixx

  171. "Awkward Points Of Pointless Love"-Pushing Empty Carts Backwards Mixx

  172. "Penelopeed On The Daisies By The Wall"-She Tried To Aim Mixx

  173. "Penelopeed On The Daisies By The Wall"-She Ran After Mixx

  174. "Misused Potato Chips"-Not Crunchy Mixx

  175. "Misused Potato Chips"-Extra Crunchy Mixx

  176. "Honey Flavored Kneecaps"-Actually Ashley Mixx

  177. "Honey Flavored Kneecaps"-Sweet Treat From Italy Mixx

  178. "Greasy Carmel With Spearmint"​-It Hurted Mo Betta Good Mixx

  179. "Greasy Carmel With Spearmint"-It Hurted A Lil Bit Good Mixx

  180. "Farmer's Like Milkin' The Mules"-Betty Sue Made Turtle Chitlins Pie Mixx

  181. "Farmer's Like Milkin' The Mules"-Betty Sue Don't Make Possum Pie Mixx

  182. "Aqua & Beige Stairs That Flair Sideways"​-Somewhat Clean Cloth For Crotch Mixx

  183. "Aqua & Beige Stairs That Flair Sideways"-No Dusty Cloth For Crotch Mixx

  184. "Aqua & Beige Stairs That Flair Sideways"-Stolen Motel Cloth For Crotch Mixx

  185. "Warm Blizzard"-Real Reflection Thru Many Gold Windows Mixx

  186. "She Didn't Plant The Tacos"-Daisies Instead Mixx

  187. "Chaotic Coincidence"-Kettle Made Of Barley Mixx

  188. "Uncreative Wisdom"-Contacted While Closed Mixx

  189. "Tweet This Mother-UCKER"-No Words Always Hurt, But, Helps Mixx

  190. "Tweet This Mother-UCKER"-Address Still Exist Mixx

  191. "Melting Dizziness"-Higher Brain Rub Mixx

  192. "Happy Complaints"-Please Yell At Me And Smile Mixx

  193. "Happy Complaints"-Unpassionate Smile Mixx

  194. "Embarrassed Sugar"-Salty, Yet Sour Mixx

  195. "Clean Litter"-Kitty Know Betta Mixx

  196. "Tweet This Mother-UCKER"-Address Don't Exist Mixx

  197. "Tweet This Mother-UCKER"-Address Exist In Toilet Mixx

  198. "She Blew And Cut The Bleu Cheese Together"-Without Smirking Once Mixx

  199. "My Sled Needs New Tires"-Especially In The Rain Mixx

  200. "By The Cries Of The One's Left Out"-Solid Proof Of Mourning Mixx

  201. "Verifiably Mythical"-Rancorous Prosperity Mixx

  202. "Verifiably Mythical"-Peaceful Poverty Mixx

  203. "The Best Ponytail Ever"-Her Pigtail Is Awesum Too Mixx

  204. "The Best Ponytail Ever"-No Weave Needed Mixx

  205. "Convivial, Yet Elitist In Spirit"-Only Use One Paper Towel Mixx

  206. "Left Alone At The Steakhouse"-Wasted Gift Card Mixx

  207. "Don't Say Where My Sweater Is"-Borrowed Tweed Mixx

  208. "Glorified Odor From Her Undies"-Rancid In So Few Ways Mixx

  209. "Glorified Odor From Her Undies"-Fresh In So Many Ways Mixx

  210. "Modish Offering"-Made Two Bits Again Mixx

  211. "Modish Offering"-Reduced Profits Mixx

  212. "Drizzpour"-Cheating Turf Mixx

  213. "Drizzpour"-Platonic Grass Mixx

  214. "I Wanna House Noww"-No Furniture Needed Mixx

  215. "The Green Grapes By The Stage Turned Red"-Rotten Orange Mixx

  216. "Amy Don't Need A Key"-The Door Is Broken Anyway Mixx

  217. "Acid Coffee"-Late Evening With Sprinkles Mixx

  218. "Lime Burn From A Lemon"-Massage Papaya Juice On It Mixx

  219. "On Her Comma During My Period"-I'm Not Pregnant Yet Mixx

  220. "Endearing, Yet Not Appealing"-When Almost Fully Sober Mixx

  221. "Perfectly Mishandled Shrubbery"-The Told Truth Mixx

  222. "Dandy Rationale"-Unjustified Hands Caressing Of Her Palms Mixx

  223. "Nebulous Seduction"-Corrupt, While Good Natured

  224. "Undeveloped Apathy"-Energy On Hold Til Dawn Mixx
    Marcus Mixx Shannon

  225. "The Naked Mannequin Bit Me Scrumptiously"-In The Store Window Mixx
    Marcus Mixx Shannon

  226. "The Naked Mannequin Bit Me Scrumptiously"-Very Hard, But Soft Mixx
    Marcus Mixx Shannon

  227. "Acid Smile"-Freshly Brushed Teeth Mixx
    Marcus Mixx Shannon

  228. "Acid Meatballs"-Beef, Veal And Pork Mixx
    Marcus Mixx Shannon

  229. "Obligated To Suck All Pamala's Moles And Freckles"-Back Of Right Thigh Next Mixx
    Marcus "Mixx" Shannon

  230. "Obligated To Suck All Of Pams' Moles And Freckles"-Left Shoulder First Mixx
    Marcus "Mixx" Shannon

  231. "Warm Blizzard"-Peculiar Reflection Thru Broken Windows (Acid) Mixx
    Marcus Mixx Shannon

  232. "Congenial Fixation"-Warrantless Forecast Mixx
    Marcus Mixx Shannon

  233. "Docked Into Her Port"-Oh, Buoy Mixx
    Marcus Mixx Shannon

  234. "Diminutive Multitude"-Untrustworthy And Shrewd Mixx
    Marcus Mixx Shannon

  235. "Logically Ridiculous"-Suddenly Pushy Mixx
    Marcus Mixx Shannon

  236. "Congenial Fixation"-Authorized Prophesy Mixx
    Marcus Mixx Shannon

  237. "Logically Ridiculous"-Dubious, But, Not Murky Mixx
    Marcus Mixx Shannon

  238. "Valiant Barriers"-The Need To Knead Mixx
    Marcus Mixx Shannon

  239. "Diminutive Multitude"-One Honest Prayer Mixx
    Marcus Mixx Shannon

  240. "Almost Peaceful Level"-Sovereign Enough For Now Mixx
    Marcus Mixx Shannon

  241. "Unwanted Continuity"-Interrupted Too Much Mixx
    Marcus Mixx Shannon

  242. "Unwanted Continuity"-Never In Order Mixx
    Marcus Mixx Shannon

  243. "Burnt Receipt From The Panty Store"-Flower Pattern With Stripes Mixx
    Marcus Mixx Shannon

  244. "Burnt Receipt From The Panty Store"-One Man Orgy Mixx
    Marcus Mixx Shannon

  245. "The Best Germs La Donna Ever Gave Me"-The Jimmyhat Broke That Morning Mixx
    Marcus Mixx Shannon

  246. "Forlorned Cabbage From Vegas"-ClustERD Mild Headache Mixx
    Marcus Mixx Shannon

  247. "Looked Down Upon By Rehabbed Butterflies"-Multi Journeys In The Fog Mixx
    Marcus Mixx Shannon

  248. "Sunny Days Can Often Help"-Changes Are Sometimes Pending Mixx
    Marcus Mixx Shannon

  249. "Blissfully Dispassionate"-Born Without Validity Mixx
    Marcus Mixx Shannon

  250. "It's Possible To Be Impossible, Right?"-Well, I Guess So Mixx
    Marcus Mixx Shannon

  251. "Utopian Tragedy"-Las Vegas Party Nun Mixx
    Marcus Mixx Shannon

  252. "The Best Germs LaDonna Ever Gave Me"-No Jimmyhat Available That Night Mixx
    Marcus Mixx Shannon

  253. "Cleverly Evicted"-She Left Her Yoga Pants Mixx
    Marcus Mixx Shannon


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